Birth Doula Services


Birth doula services

Educating yourself about childbirth so you’re able to make informed decisions and create a birth experience where you will feel comforted, confident and supported during your upcoming birth with doula support. This is a great way to increase your chances for a smooth labour. A doula is a trained labour support person who provides emotional, physical, and informational support during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. She absolutely doesn’t replace medical caregivers or your birth partner, but rather complements them.


There are many ways a doula can assist you, such as:

  1. helping you prepare your birth plan
  2. providing suggestions and exercises to help you have a more comfortable pregnancy
  3. explaining medical procedures
  4. providing emotional support
  5. suggesting and providing non-pharmacological pain relief techniques (massage, heat therapy, positioning)
  6. assisting with breastfeeding
  7. providing partner support
  8. working as an advocate so your birth plan is carried out

These are just a few examples of some of the many services a doula may provide. Some partners worry that a doula will take over their roles in the birth process. Being a birth partner is challenging work, and most partners feel a sense of relief and enjoy the birth experience more when a doula is present. Many women state that they couldn’t have given birth without their doula, but doulas aren’t just for first-time moms. Many women hire a doula for second and third babies and beyond. If you weren’t happy with a previous birth experience, a doula could improve the outcome of the next one.

In addition to supporting you with techniques to maximize your comfort and confidence during birth, birth doula services emphasize informed decision making to make sure you feel educated and informed before, during and immediately after your birth.

What is included in doula services?

Prenatal and Postnatal Visits

The 2-3 education-focused prenatal visits ensure that you feel informed and confident about your options for childbirth. These are an excellent way to complement your prenatal classes, if you are taking them. Before your birth, we will have developed a clear birth plan, including your priorities for your birth and your preferences. This plan can be used as a tool to make sure everyone you invite to your birth, including any medical professionals, understand your intentions for the birth of your baby. Prenatal visits also provide us with the opportunity to become familiar with each other and as we build a strong relationship moving towards your birth.

Two postpartum visits will be arranged at a mutually agreeable time. The purpose of these visits is to review the birth and provide any assistance I can to help you in your adjustment to parenthood.

Telephone and Email Support

I encourage clients to keep in close contact via phone and email between our in-person visits so that supplemental information may be provided and to answer any questions as birth approaches. This support extends to the postpartum period, where I can direct you to a variety of resources in the community.

Support During Your Birth

During your birth, you will benefit from skilled use of comfort measures which can help you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. I will help facilitate discussion between you and your chosen primary health care provider (if any) to make sure you are informed and confident about any decisions you may need to make during the birth.

Six weeks after birth, mothers who had doulas experienced:

  1. Less anxiety and depression
  2. More confidence with the baby
  3. More satisfaction with their partner

Long-term benefits of using a doula:

  1. Improved breastfeeding
  2. Increased time spent with baby
  3. More positive maternal assessments of baby’s personality and health, and maternal competence
  4. Decreased postpartum depression

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