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Leading the National and International expansion of Powur, the Uber of solar and renewable energy. The greatest shift of wealth that has ever happened in one industry is now underway, providing busy entrepreneurs the opportunity to capitalize and participate.

Powur is accelerating the adoption of clean, sustainable energy worldwide as a certified for-public-benefit corporation. We are disrupting and decentralizing the old energy grid system that can no longer sustain the growing human population. We are committed to panel 2,000,000 homes by 2025.

As a Powur Certified Energy Consultant connected with the top solar providing companies in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and Australia, our goal is to disrupt and decentralize fossil fuel industries by providing homeowners inexpensive electricity with a Fixed Rate and an opportunity for Zero-Down Installation of Clean Energy Solar!

I have always been taught that it is our responsibility to live in a harmonious and mutually beneficial way with our planet and all its inhabitants so that it remains a healthy place for many more generations to come. When we can care of our own homes and our own communities, together we can create a positive change around world! The intention of this movement is to shift away from fossil fuels by introducing people to the opportunity that clean energy has for their homes and lives.

Be part of the solution and make a positive impact today!

As a Powur Certified Energy Consultant, I help create Win-Win-Win scenarios that are truly game-changing in this clean energy movement. You can too! If you would like to learn more, message me directly.

I hope you get involved, and look forward to hearing from you.


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