Intuitive Birthing Workshop For Couples


Intuitive Birthing Workshop For Couples

For the greater enjoyment of pregnancy, birth and babies

A supportive, educational and practical journey for mamas and birth partners. This birth preparation gives couples an opportunity to increase confidence and enhance awareness of pregnancy and childbirth. Couples can create the optimum conditions for this process to be as healthy and natural as possible, while dissolving the need for medical intervention.


This workshop brings together a range of techniques including discussion, gentle postures, breath work, visualization, meditation, vocal toning, and massage to support mama and birth partner through every stage of birth. Couples learn to skillfully access a calm presence, no matter what unfolds during the birthing process. A calm presence powerfully eases any birthing process so that the couple may cultivate a true sense of joy in child birth, thus enhancing family bonding and reducing pain.

Couples will practice postures together that are both beneficial and enjoyable for the rest of pregnancy and during labor. Partners feel more connected to their not yet born baby. There is no "one right way" to give birth, other than the way that is "right" for each couple. This workshop will facilitate couples together making informed, wise and empowering choices.

The calm presence and loving encouragement of a woman's partner is a powerful aid for labour and delivery, for both mama and baby. Partners understand how to support the birthing mama with sensitivity and confidence. This awareness and calm presence lessens the requirement for medical intervention, thus creating optimum conditions for your baby's healthy emergence, which nurtures loving family bonding.

Deepen your relationship with yourselves and your child. Beneficial at any time during your pregnancy.

  • No previous experience necessary
  • Beneficial for second, third, etc... pregnancies too!
  • Review hand out notes will be provided
  • This workshop is great for couples who are considering a doula but who feel unsure about it.
  • This workshop is provided to residents of the Sea-to-Sky Corridor, privately in the comforts of your own home.

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